Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crazy Quilt Firecracker

Hi there,

I'm trying an experiment today.  Are the pictures from your phone as good as (or better than) the pictures from your camera?

My iPhone

my camera

Gee,  it's a toss up.

Here's a picture of Emily's sister from her litter (her twin ?- is there such a thing with dogs?) that I took with my phone from the tv on the night of the Westminster Dog Show. Best of Breed.  Emily really does look like this :)  Boy,  I was lucky to get one when I did.  We will aspire to look like this on Wednesday when we go to the groomer!  Wouldn't I love to be from a little town called Hempstead, Texas!

Texas Trace Vega
Heading outside with her sister,


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  1. Very interesting, I guess the only difference would be the light. Your blue scotch stitches have a different hue on each picture. Which ever one is easier to transfer to the blog would be my choice!