Friday, December 10, 2010

Birdbrain #5

Last night was our ANG Christmas, wine, needlepoint and good friends make tons of fun!  Such a lovely group of ladies.   Isn't that why we keep needlepointing anyway?  We get so much out of just BEING together and I have never been around such a supportive group of people who actually LIKE me!  Sally Fields was right!

For example, last night three of our members actually stood there while I rearranged the platters on the buffet table to explain a helicopter take off pattern at the airport.  Now where else would you get that? And then they went on to compliment me on the ornaments that I brought to show and tell.  Makes you want to keep working through that stash.

Here's a picture of Bird #5.  Don't you love the feathers?  Long and short is always a challenge, but they look so realistic when you're done.  One more to go!!!


1 comment:

  1. The long and shorts look great. As does the bird itself. One more to go and you can move on to the geishas!!