Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas

It's only a few days before Christmas now and usually this is when I start buying all the stuff no one wants just so there are presents under the tree.  I would like not to do this but I'm sure it's going to happen.  I will make "emergency" trips to Bath and Body Works for lotion and soap and to Victoria Secret for pajamas and on and on.  My husband will get all kinds of batteries and hardware stuff that he would just as soon buy for himself.  One year I even wrapped up a canvas, stitch guide and thread that I had purchased and put it under the tree to me from Santa.

On a lighter note I thought you would enjoy seeing 2 pillows that I stitched for Christmas about 30 years apart so you can see my progress - which has been considerable.  I may not finish much but I am getting to be a better stitcher!  The pillow on the left is done entirely in tent stitch with 3 pearls as accent pieces.  The one on the right is the Ruth Schmuff Merry Christmas pillow with more "bling" than you can imagine. That pillow went to Australia and back!!  Really,  the best way for me to finish something is to take it (and nothing else)  somewhere far far away where there are no needlepoint stores to distract me.

 I hope next year to show you Joseph, the Christmas Parade and Amy's creche!!

Have a Merry Christmas!


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