Friday, December 3, 2010

Life is Good - Especially if you're LeBron James

I live in Miami so the Miami Heat are a BIG topic of conversation.  Last night the Heat destroyed the Cleveland Cavaliers and while I was watching (and stitching) I thought...isn't is nice to meet and beat all the expectations that are put on you.  You may wonder what that has to do with needlepoint.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to finish classes, ornaments, stockings and "unfinished projects"!  Now the bar is pretty low for me, because most of my friends don't ever expect me to finish everything that I start, but I keep at it and sometimes I come through.  This year I took 3 classes at our shop Absolutely Needlepoint and I said at the beginning of each one - "I am going to finish this during class, because if I don't it will become one more unfinished project".

How am I doing?  Well right now pretty well - I finished the Melissa Shirley Pears, and we are getting ready to do #6 of 6 birds (still working on #5) , and of the 3 car train series I am almost done with 2 cars.
My newest goal (goals are constantly being reset) is to finish these before I start the kimono series at our shop and the Kelly Clark Nativity Creche at Amy's Golden Strand.

Lest you think I am so soon as I finished the Pears, I decided that I loved them so much I would start the Christmas Parade with a stitch guide by the same teacher Bev Churchfield from Aristeia in LA.  Oh well.


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