Friday, December 3, 2010

Cats and more Cats

I thought I would post my photo of my last Cook Up class project - which was the cat on the sofa featured on the Needlepoint Study Hall blog.  Yes, Robin is right that cat people will gravitate to any cat canvas, not just those that look like their cats.  But I have 4 cats (5 if you count my Mother's) and sooner or later I will own a cat like the one in the canvas.  The "sofa cat" is a companion piece to a pillow that I did for my daughter before she went to college and now that she is graduating next May I thought she deserved another cat.  (She likes cats too).  If you look closely at the canvas you will notice the cool plaid designed by Amy for the pillow and  the mini tassel.  That goes on top of the sofa after I stitch it.

My oldest daughter likes bunnies, but that is for another day.

And by the way - the weather is beautiful here in Miami.  Yesterday was the last day of hurricane season!  We should be getting cooler weather now - tonight in the 50s.


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  1. glad you posted the cat on the sofa. I have that canvas screaming at me under my bed. I'm motivated to drag it out and work on it. I also have the orange tabby cat sitting by the palm tree. Do you have that one?
    Have you started the creche?