Monday, December 6, 2010

Perfect Weather but no Perfect Season

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was probably the unofficial end of the Miami Dolphins season. If we can't beat the Cleveland Browns then what will happen when we play the Jets next Sunday? We all know what will happen and it will be painful to watch (even though I will be stitching). So we split the Cleveland games... basketball for us and football for them.

I know that almost the first blog out of me was about the Miami Heat, but deep down I am truly a Dolfan.  You see, I grew up in Miami and I lived and breathed the Perfect Season and I keep waiting for it to happen again and that was almost 40 years ago!  Time to move on? Never!!  I will die with memories of waving my white hankie and singing that silly Miami Dolphins song.

I still want my needlepoint to be perfect too, even though everyone likes it the way it is.  Striving for perfection - maybe the Dolphins need to work on that.

Just got back from my helicopter lesson - I am doing great on the flying, a little shaky on hovering and good with the landings as long as my instructor is sitting there next to me. I stitch better with the teacher next to me too.   People can feel better shopping at the Falls now - I am not going to crash into the 2nd floor of Bloomingdales!

Keep looking up,


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